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How to Generate a Digital Reputation Certificate


For you to obtain a Digital Reputation Certificate, you need to apply for registration in Digital Reputation’s Portal. The following are steps to register for the certificate in Digital Reputation’s Portal.

Once you generate a reputation certificate, you repeat the final four phases on a regular basis to monitor progress and reinforce your reputation and ensure long-term success. Learn more about each step below.


Register an Account

Register Account
Choose Individual or Company depending on whether you want a reputation certificate for your brand or business.

Perform a Search

Perform Search
Start a New Search, use your name, alternates of your name or business name for the Search Keyword and Start Search.

Identify Related Results

Identify Results
Identify related and unrelated search results and mark appropriately.

Set Result Sentiments

Set Sentiments
Select appropriate sentiment based on how each realted search result befits you.

Generate Certificate

Generate Certificate
Generate Certificate once you have marked all related search results with appropriate sentiments.
Share Certificate
Share, print or email your reputation certificate and scan the QR Code to verify your certificate.